Noni, the Super Fruit

Noni, an irregular shaped fruit, grows year-round on small shrubs or trees. Noni are native to Polynesia. Originally, the Hawaiians used this fruit as a tonic for many different illnesses as well as for its wide-ranging benefits consisting on powerful antioxidants and compounds that increase vitality. Besides, noni is rich in selenium which promotes skin elasticity and skin health, xeronine, which promotes cell structure health and regeneration, scopoletin (anti-inflammatory properties) and terpine (it helps to detoxify the body and eliminates bacteria).

In fact, noni has many uses. It can be used externally as a poultice to draw out excess fluids and rebuild the tissues. You can also use it in your eyes (for example, after a long sunny surf session), because it soothes sunburnt eyeballs like you wouldn’t believe!

As you take a sip of noni, you receive an instant high, serotonin boosting, stimulation from this super fruit that guarantees to make you feel alive.

You can make smoothies or tea from the leaf, which helps digestion, eliminates toxins, and maintains normal blood sugar levels.

Many stay away from noni because of the pungent odor. But once you move past the smell and begin to receive the endless benefits, you will not ever look back.

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