A Few Words About Supplements

Curiously enough, the use of medicinal herbs and animal ingredients to treat diseases and help people stay healthy dates back to the origins of our species. Indeed, archaeologists found written records of herbal use as supplements on clay tablets in Damas. These tablets showed use of a variety of medicinal plants, such as licorice, thyme, mustard plant, poppy and so on. The Asian cultures, particularly in China, also have a long recorded history of herbal use. Dozens of different teas and infusions were used to cure diseases or maintain a person in duly physical form.

In Canada Native American Indians used herbs as medicines. The second French expedition to Canada, led by Jacques Cartier, was saved by their herbs when the sailors were decimated by scurvy, as Cartier stated in his captain’s log. Early European settlers used thus herbs, chopping up some known plants and making infusions with them.

But the real history of food supplements begins in the 20th century, and only in 1990, the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act in the US includes herbs or similar nutritional substances as dietary and food supplements. Today, the benefits of the supplements are widely acknowledged. Everyone knows that in our fast-paced, urban world, it is very hard to achieve a healthy balance, especially in a natural way.

That’s why Biovalens tries to help people making its supplements from all natural ingredients. For our products we take the best that plants have to offer to create our natural supplements in order to provide you with a lifetime of well-being.

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