Natural health products (NHPs) are health products which are consumed to help restore or maintain good health. Natural health products include vitamin and mineral supplements, traditional and homeopathic medicines, probiotics, herbal remedies and enzymes.

In Canada, since 2004, Natural Health products are regulated by the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) under the Natural Health Products Regulations which take into account the unique properties and low-risk nature of NHPs.

The regulation thus ensure that Canadians have access to natural health products that are safe, of high quality and very effectife, while respecting freedom of choice, philosophical and cultural diversity of every Canadian.

Here are a few examples of natural health products:

  • Calcium or iron (minerals);
  • Echinacea or Ginseng (herbal remedies);
  • Glutamine or leucine (amino acids);
  • Omega-3 (essential fatty acid);
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics;
  • Vitamin C or vitamin B complex (vitamins).

Categories of natural health products include antioxidants, enzymes, greens products, homeopathic products, certain personal care products with natural medicinal ingredients (acne products, antiperspirants, some toothpaste, some sunscreens, some anti-dandruff products), pre- and post-workout products, weight loss/management products.

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