As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I’m always looking for new supplements that can help my clients.

Have you ever heard of glucomannan? I know, I know, it has an odd name. (And it’s pronounced Gloo-Co-Man-An.)

What is it and what does it have to do with weight loss? Is it just another gimmick or cheap “miracle” pill?

Since it was getting some press as an effective weight loss supplement, I decided to do my own research to find out everything about glucomannan for weight loss.


Glucomannan is a unique type of fiber from the Konjac root. I know the Konjac root may sound prehistoric, but that’s just because it is! Glucomannan from the konjac root was first used for medicinal purposes, such as treating coughs and even asthma, in China as far back as 206 BC.

Since then, it’s been included in a variety of uses from vegan gelatin substitutes, to jelly candies. And guess what? Due to extensive research, it’s actually starting to make some big waves among the fitness community. Why? Because of its weight loss support.


Glucomannan is best known for its weight loss properties, but it has some other awesome benefits too!

Here are the highlights:


What makes glucomannan an effective weight loss supplement? I’ll answer that with a little scenario.

Let’s say you’ve been trying to lose weight and you’re limiting your calories each day. You don’t mind the change in food, but you find that your hunger is making it increasingly harder and harder to stick with it.

After only a week of trying out your diet, you give up, feeling defeated, because you’re sick of being hungry all the time.How many times has this happened to you? If you’ve experienced this, you’re definitely not alone! Hunger is the biggest barrier to weight loss, and, unfortunately, it can be a natural side effect when you’re trying to reduce calories.

And that’s where glucomannan comes in!

Glucomannan helps to keep you full by taking up space in your tummy. As a unique type of fiber, it expands in the stomach, causing you to feel full. It’s a totally natural way to increase your fiber content while promoting weight loss!


Glucomannan is a form of fiber and all fiber is excellent for, well, let’s just say being “regular”.

The fiber from glucomannan acts like a bulk forming natural laxative, moving through the digestive system.

Let’s be honest, we all like feeling lighter and not “stuck” so if you struggle with constipation now and again, glucomannan can be a huge helper!

Plus, poor digestion can actually slow down your weight loss by reducing your vitamin and nutrient absorption. Improved digestion with a fiber like glucomannan will help you feel better and lose weight easier.


Glucomannan is also a natural prebiotic, helping to feed all of the good bacteria, or probiotics, in the tummy.

A healthy gut is central to good health, and a gut with a balance of good bacteria can also aid in weight management.

Other benefits of prebiotics include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Lower stress response
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Higher immune function


When it comes down to it, glucomannan is a fiber. If you’re not used to getting fiber in your diet you might experience some gas and bloating.

The best way to combat this is to start small with the amount of fiber you take. Your body will eventually get used to the fiber and you’ll have fewer problems.

You also want to be sure to take glucomannan with plenty of water. Since glucomannan expands, you want to make sure you drink lots of water to help it go down. Plenty of water will help make sure you swallow it correctly and help it move through your digestive system easier.

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