Nicotinamide is a form of niacin, a.k.a. vitamin B3 is a combo of vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid.

In the body, vitamin B3 supports your metabolism and helps your body function properly (from lowering your bad cholesterol levels to removing toxins from the liver). But when it comes to your skin, nicotinamide is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.


If your skin is red, irritated or blotchy, (say you have sensitive skin in general or have acne or rosacea), nicotinamide can help calm the irritation.

It’s also great for any anti-aging routine, since it can help repair the skin barrier (the part of the skin that keeps out bacteria and locks in nutrients and moisture) and make your skin more hydrated. More moisture = plumper skin, less dullness, and less-noticeable fine lines and wrinkles.

Nicotinamide can also help brighten a dull complexion and gently even out discoloration (like sun spots or leftover redness from a zit) and uneven texture (like large pores).

As if nicotinamide could not get any better, it also plays nice with other common skin-care ingredients like retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and antioxidants. This makes it super easy to add to your routine without having to worry about it reacting with something else you are using.


You will get best results from using a day or night cream with nicotinamide. You can also try mixing a few drops of a nicotinamide serum into your go-to moisturizer.

We recommend getting nicotinamide in your sunscreen “This is a great daily sunscreen for those with acne or rosacea,” she says, since it protects the skin without irritating it.

Oral nicotinamide can be used effectively to treat pellagra. Nicotinamide used as a medicine may benefit the skin in several different ways. Nicotinamide has anti-inflammatory properties, which may be used for the treatment of bullous (blistering) diseases.

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