Nicotinamide — vitamin substance (synonym B3, PP) widely used for the prevention of vitamin deficiency and the solution of skin problems. The component is a white crystalline powder, odorless, quickly dissolved in water and alcohol. It is quite stable: does not collapse of freezing or long storage. The substance is impervious to light and heat, and moreover it is almost impervious in alkaline medium. The component is easily distributed to all tissues of the body and is rapidly excreted by the kidneys. Nicotinamide is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and amino acids, and also participates in the processes of biosynthesis. It is also used to treat infectious diseases, gastritis, weakly healing wounds and pellagra — diseases due to prolonged malnutrition. The substance serves as a dietary supplement to reduce cholesterol and other medical pathologies.

This means is widely used in cosmetics, combating inflammation of the skin, the first signs of aging and minor aesthetic defects in the form of pink marks from lesion. Nicotinamide has a beneficial effect on the epidermis, preventing dermatitis and desquamation. It is useful for aging skin — accelerates cellular metabolism and improves the interaction of cellular structures. The substance helps to increase the production of ceramides — natural fats (lipids), prevented the loss of moisture. Nicotinamide regulates sebum production, tightens pores and stimulates the microcirculation of blood in the skin. It also strengthens the natural skin barrier against pathogenic bacteria and environmental pollution.

The component is often used in dermatology as part of medical cosmetics as a regulator of cellular metabolism and an irritant remover. Nicotinamide is widely used in developing of treatment regimens for couperose and rosacea, also it is used to treat acne, because of an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the substance is used in the appointment of anti-aging programs to tone, nourish the skin and increase collagen synthesis. The meanstool reliably protects the epidermis from the aggressive effects of sunlight, preventing the appearance of pigment spots, loss of elasticity and elasticity; therefore it is often present in creams with SPF-filters. The component works as a natural antioxidant, eliminating free radicals and mutating cells in the body.

Nicotinamide is especially useful for dry, lesions and aging skin. It improves the appearance, eliminates peeling and dryness, and makes the skin more uniform, giving a natural radiance and a fresh, rested appearance. During regular using, the means smoothes wrinkles, smoothes traces of scars and acne.

Nicotinamide is also found in cosmetic shampoos, balms and conditioners. It makes curls a beautiful shine and improves the blood supply to the bulbs, thereby stimulate the growth of new hair. Means with a vitamin substance are recommended in case frequent use of hair straightener and other thermal styling products, also for perm. The component is used during therapeutic procedures for hair restoration and removal of lesions.

Nicotinamide is found in animal and plant products. Its sources are yeast, peanuts, milk, beef liver, turkey, pineapple, also pistachios, pine nuts, mackerel and whole grains.

It is a safe and harmless agent that is well tolerated by the epidermis. It is not comedogenic and does not cause adverse reactions (besides of individual intolerance). The structure of nicotinamide is similar to niacinamide, but the first one is more quickly enters into redox reactions. The main difference is that nicotinamide does not have a pronounced vasodilator effect. Thus, during the using, the skin does not show redness, itching, or a feeling of rush of blood and burning.

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